Homeschool Curriculum – Can I Live Without It?

Many resources and curriculum packages are available for home schooling. This overabundance of choices can be overwhelming to many people. Do we really need a packaged curriculum or is there a better way?

Did you use a curriculum to teach your child to eat or talk? We teach our children many things using a natural lifestyle method. When it comes to learning, beyond life skills, we can also adopt a natural method and have even better results in some cases over using a more rigid approach.

This is not to say that you don?t have a plan. You still need to know what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, but it can be tailored and adjusted for your child.

Schools use curriculum because of the number of students they have to manage. They are required to teach certain concepts in a certain way to keep their teaching uniform. Curriculum has to use a more generic approach. Homeschoolers have the advantage of using different methods of teaching using resources that might not be able to be used in schools. The world is your curriculum.

Many resources are available for many learning styles. Homeschoolers can use games, cooking, throwing the ball to learn math facts, jumping up and down steps when they answer a question correctly, and much more. When a child doesn?t respond well to a certain approach, we can use a different style of teaching and save some frustration. If your child enjoys completing workbooks, then you can have them use workbooks and textbooks. If your child learns better by listening than seeing, then you can provide resources that reinforce that style of learning.

Whatever method you choose for home schooling, make sure you have a plan for your student. Get to know them well. Know how they learn best and approach their learning in that manner. They can even help you come up with a plan for what they will learn and how they want to learn it. You and your child know each other better than anyone else and know whether a packaged curriculum will promote the best learning environment.