Do You Know About The ?dumbing Down? Of The Curricula Nation Wide?

In reference to my previous post on students from public schools being so far behind, once they come to our school, here it is. First of all, many students do not get the one-on-one attention from their teachers so that they can ?get it.? I know want to ask why aren?t they placed in ?Resource? or ?special ed.? Many more students have special needs but the system will not permit classifying students with a handicap because funding is low and they feel like they cannot waste money on these students.

We know about the ?dumbing down? of the curricula nation wide through the ?School-to-work? program which was implemented several years ago. You have never heard about the school-to-work program? It equates school-to-work with school-for-work–that is, education and training programs in which preparation for work is explicitly a major purpose. Basically, the baccalaureate and advanced degree programs are not discussed here. The focus is on work-preparation programs that serve students in high schools or non-baccalaureate postsecondary institutions or out-of-school youth.

A key element of many, though not all, school-to-work programs is that they combine school and work during the same period of time. This may mean some hours of work each day, some days of work during the week, or some weeks working during the year. Combining school and work serves two purposes. First, it helps young people learn skills and knowledge to qualify for a full-time job in the near future. Second, it gives them the experience of using work to foster their own learning and thus contributes to their capacity for change and continued growth in the longer run.

Now what about the curricula for this program? It is not up to par because it has been weakened or ?dumbed down.? Students are asked at an early age, what they want to do in life. They are then placed in this tract and courses will be inflicted upon them so that they have to stay in this same path through high school. One example is this, where a student in the 3rd grade had to make a declaration as to what he wants to do when he finishes high school, he wants to go to college to become an attorney. That is too bad. He has been in this lower tract and he cannot be expected to pass the college entrance exam.

Can you determine the destination of the school-to-work program? We are heading into a socialistic nation. Our forthcoming president is more than glad to carry us all the way into Socialism. In my next post, I will discuss ?Socialism in a Christian Society.? In the meantime, how about reading 1984, which was written in 1949, by George Orwell. This book depicts all that we are seeing around us NOW.